間もなく開催! AnimagiC2015

間もなく開催! AnimagiC2015

毎年7月下旬にドイツのボンにあるベートーベン・ホールでAnimagiCというドイツで最大級のアニメ・マンガ・J-cultureのイベントが開催されています。今年のAnimagiC 2015は、7月31日(金)から8月2日(日)の3日間にわたり開催され、約1万5千人の人々が訪れるとのことです。

officail site (ドイツ語です)
AnimagiC official site
Facebook (ドイツ語です)

Plasticpop workshop (ドイツ語です)


そして、英文には書かれていませんが、今回は特別にAlice in Steampunk シリーズの、”Alice", "Madhatter", "White Rabbit"のサンプルがPlasicpopのブースに展示されます。

Plasticpopを運営しているのが、SUEさんです。 Suemomoさんと言った方がなじみがあるかと思います。
最後に彼女が撮影した最新のMadhatter in Steampunk Worldの写真を紹介します。


Every time in July, one of the biggest annual conventions for Manga, Anime and J-culture in Germany is held at the Beethoven hall in the former capital city of Germany, Bonn.
From Friday, 31th July, to Sunday, 2nd of August, nearly 15,000 visitors celebrate their hobbies like cosplay, japanese culture and music, anime and manga and, of course, dolls!

plasticpop is attending the Animagic for the 7th time now, bringing you all the best from Japanese doll manufacturers. As the official german shop for Groove related products, you can see everything from the wide range of the Pullip family. Visit the huge plasticpop stall at the workshop area, meet and talk with doll enthusiasts, learn how to customize a doll or to assemble a MIO kit, see an exhibition of rare dolls and buy your dream doll and everything else related to that awesome hobby.

There's also the exhibition of plasticpop's annual photo contest. The 15 finalists are shown at the stall and you can vote for your favorites. Not only the photographers can win great prizes, also the voters have the chance to win!

Here's the official announcement of plasticpop's stall at the AnimagiC website (german only):
Plasticpop workshop

If you're attending, please visit their stall and say hello to the plasticpop team! If you can't be there, make sure to visit the plasticpop online shop:www. plasticpop.de/en/

plasticpop is the oldest shop for Pullips and more in Europe and is run by Sue, better known as Suemomo, a well known photographer within the Pullip community since 2005.