GROOVE to launch new "Pullip Premium" doll line

GROOVE to launch new "Pullip Premium" doll line

February 2016
GROOVE to launch new "Pullip Premium" doll line


This year, 2016 is a special commemorative year for the Pullip Family as GROOVE Inc. celebrates the 10th anniversary of Pullip's boyfriend ''TAEYANG'' and his little sister ''DAL''.
To commemorate it, we plans to release special models for TAEYANG and DAL, and to organize a special premier event.
So please look forward to our future press release!!

In addition, we will also unveil a new premium line of dolls called Pullip Premium. While we used to release our really popular Pullip Family dolls in different color variations, the ''Premium'' series will incorporate some new designs and higher quality materials for outfit, color, pattern.
The first model in this series will be Pullip ''KIYOMI'', a really popular past model of Pullip and one that has the most requests from Pullip fans the world over.

Look forward to our upcoming new models for both our Pullip Family dolls and Pullip Premium lines!!