【To Pullip fans of the world】 Photo Contestapplication procedure ~TAEYANG & DAL 10th anniversary project

【To Pullip fans of the world】 Photo Contestapplication procedure ~TAEYANG & DAL 10th anniversary project

We want you to post your photos that are full of "Memories" of TAEYANG, DAL, and Pullip family!
The theme of our photo contest~TAEYANG & DAL 10th anniversary project is "Memory".

Regardless of professional or amateur, anyone can participate if you have a camera or even if you just have a smartphone!
We love to see lots of "your memory".... memories that make you happy, make you sad, make you laugh, make you cry.
Of course, emotional photos, cute photos, funny photos, are appreciated.

※Even if this photo contest is a kind of competition, we believe the "memory" of everyone is equal and there is nothing to choose between your memories.

★ How to apply ★
1. Entries
---We accept photos by email only to : contest@groove.ws
---Email title should be : "Photo Contest 2016".
---The minimum number of pixels is 2.0 megapixels, j-peg format, file size is up to 1MB.
---The name of attachment and the photo title should be same.

2. Be sure to decide one of following category described below you will post.
③ other Pullip family (Pullip, Dal, Byul, Taeyang, Isul, Docola, Little Pullip +, Little Dal +, J-Doll, BJD's Ai, BJD's Pang-ju, etc.
The objects in photos should be the dolls released by Groove Inc. (including Jun Planning's release).

3.Be sure to specify the following in the body.
(1)Photo title
(2)Applicant’s name(open to the public)
We don't mind if your name is the real name or nickname, but please let us know your real name. Your real name will not open to the public.
Please choose one from following ①~③.
①TAEYANG section
②DAL section
③ Pullip family section (※ if the multiple characters, such as Pullip & TAEYANG, DAL & Byul,please choose this category)

※The personal information received will be used ONLY for the contest purpose.
※The copyrights of any photos submitted to this contest belong to Groove INC.

***EXAMPLE of Entry****

4. Important Notice
*Do not deform or modify the body or/and the face of dolls.Changing wigs and/or the face (make-up) is acceptable.
We do accept major photo manipulations with a photo editing software (Photoshop etc).
*Refrain from using other manufacturer’s parts (body, hand, foot, outfits and accessories).※ self-made outfit and accessories is acceptable!
*Do not apply photos that violate the copyright of others.
*Do not send photos that are offensive to public order and morality.
*The copyrights of applied photos belong to Groove INC.
*The personal information of applicants will be used ONLY for the contest purpose.

Deadline: 2016 October 16 (Friday)

        ⇒2016 October 17 (Monday)

※ We will display every entry of your photos at physical venue.
But please understand it may not be possible we can display them all if they are a larger number of entries than we expect.
※ The copyrights of applied photos belong to Groove INC.
※ We ONLY use applicant's personal information for the contest purpose.
※ Be careful if there is a deficiency in the application format, you might not be able to participate in the contest.
※ You can send us multiple photos to every category. (Please refrain from submitting similar works.)

★ results announcement ★
The results will be announced on November 11th (Friday) based on the results of the votes of the fans.
We will award prizes to winners of each category.

If you have any questions, please free to contact at contest@groove.ws.

★ How to vote ★
There are 2 ways.
1. online
Click "Like!" image to vote your favorite entries in each category on our Facebook Album site (https://www.facebook.com/groove.pullip/)
2. offline (voting at the event venue)

For more details, please click our last post
【プレスリリース】DAL & TAEYANG 10周年プロジェクト始動!

We look forward to seeing everyone's entries!