Groove presents Fashion Doll "Pullip" 10th anniversary of the birth event


The last Pullip event of this year will be held at Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store on the 9F Art Stage entitled "HAPPY PULLIP WORLD".
It runs through December 11(Wed) to December 17 (Tue), 2013 10:00-20:00.
*Finishes at 18:00 on final day of event.
*Admission is free.

This event features following contents;

*Displaying upcoming releases

*Displaying from the first release up to current release.

*Displaying auction dolls by custom doll artists.

*Advance sale!! Doll Carnival 2013 Special Edition Pullip/Canele and Pullip/Varele (from 11th Dec.).

*You have a chance to buy dolls and accessories at an affordable price

Doll Carnival 2013 Special Edition Pullip/Canele
Retail Price : JPY18,900(including tax)

Doll Carnival 2013 Special Edition Pullip/Varele
Retail Price : JPY18,900(including tax)


Doll Carnival 2013 will be held on December 15(Sun) at the same venue.
Doll Carnival is one-day event since 2007.
This is the first Doll Carnival in Osaka.

*Around 20 Doll dealers enter to sell doll outfits and accessories (Overseas doll dealers join).

*Special Dress for Pullip (to be announced later!!) are presented to the first two hundred visitors who buy every product. (Only one per customer)

*Lottery to get Little Pullip & Little DAL to the first one hundred visitors who buy every product per 3000 Yen.

*Photo shooting corner of Pullip background is installed. Please take your Pullip with you!!

We also invite you to join the Pullip Photo contest at Doll Carnival 2013.
For your reference, please see the link below

****Doll Carnival 2011**** photo album by Ars Gratia Artis
Doll Carnival 2011

****Pullip photo contest 2013 summer**** Pullip official Facebook Album
Pullip Photo Contest 2013 Summer


The theme of the photo contest is "Happy Pullip World".


1.We accept photos by email only contest@groove.ws.
The best way to send photos to us is as attachments.
2.This gives us a better quality photo to post on our blog.
The minimum size of each photo should be 2000 x 2000 pixel.
3.Email subject should be "Happy Pullip World"
4.For body text, you only write; Applicant's name (open to the public)
If applicant's name is a nickname, let us know your real one.
In that case your name is not open to the public.
5.Objects of photos are all the doll releases of Groove Inc. (Jun Planning).
6.Please do not deform or modify the body and / or the face of the dolls.
Changing wigs and / or the face (make-up) is acceptable.
Please do not use other manufacturer's parts (body, hand, foot, outfits and accessories).
7.We accept major photo manipulations with a photo editing software (Photoshop etc.).

*Hand-made outfits and accessories are acceptable.
*Do not apply photos that violate the copyright of others.
*Do not send photos that are offensive to public order and morality.
*The copyrights of applied photos belong to Groove INC.
*The personal information of applicants will be used ONLY for the contest purpose.

Deadline: 25 November, 2013 till 24:00 (JST)

We will be posting the photos at our official blog and our official Facebook page.
And your photo might be used as the cover photo of Facebook and wallpaper for the members of our mailing lists.

Moreover, we will choose one for the Groove Prize among the entries.
The winner will receive Doll Carnival 2013 Special Edition Pullip/Canele.


Any questions? You probably have some.
Feel free to ask them by email to contest@groove.ws


2.请发送图片质量较好的照片至我们的博客。每张照片最小规格是2000 x 2000像素。
3.邮件的主题应为:“Happy Pullip World”
5.摄影对象:所有 Groove Inc. (Jun Planning)发售的娃娃。
7. 我们允许用图片编辑软件处理照片(比如Photoshop等)

* 允许采用手工制作的衣服跟配件
* 请勿盗图
* 请勿投稿有损社会公共秩序跟伦理道德的作品(上次那个幽灵DAL被海外FANS指责类似3K党的设计貌似让P家警醒了很多)
* 照片使用的版权属于Groove INC
* 参赛者的个人信息仅用于此次摄影比赛


此外,我们将在众多参赛者中选取一名Groove奖获得者。获奖者将获得 Doll Carnival 2013 Special Edtion Pullip/Canele一只。