"Custom Doll Contest"2019 organized by Groove Inc.

"Custom Doll Contest"2019 organized by Groove Inc.


The custom doll contest will be held as a part of the event ~ Doll Carnival 2019 ~ "Your future, Our future, My future '' on December 15th.

We are looking world-wide for entrants for our custom doll contest and look forward to seeing everyone's entries!
The Doll Carnival is one day event and your doll will be displayed at the exhibit and many fans of Pullip will be able to see them and vote, also we will make special site to show them to the world fans
The Grand Prix prize of the contest winner's doll will be commercialized and made into a doll release!
You must enter the contest if you want a chance at the super luxurious prize ♡

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★ The theme of the custom doll contest is "Future".
Please feel free to express the wonderful future of Pullips that you envision.

★ Contents of the contest award and judging method
● Prize:
Grand Prix (1 person) commercialization of doll and prize money of 300,000 yen
Special prize (3 persons) Pulilp 15th anniversary commemorative model doll presented
● Judging method: Based on an offline voting at the venue and an online voting from December 1 to December 16,
selection after a fair review.
● Judge: Ars Gratia Artis & Groove

★ Schedule
・ October 7 (Mon) Application start
・ October 15 (Tue) Application closed (In the case of a large number of applicants, applicants may be selected by lottery.)
・ November 20 (Wed) Application doll receipt deadline, posting image receipt deadline.
・ December 1 (Sat) Contest started (voting started online)
・ December 15 (Sun) Doll Carnival venue vote
・ December 16 (Mon) 0:00, online voting deadline
・ December 24 (Tue) Results announcement

If you wish to participate in the Custom Doll Contest, then you must agree with all of the contents of the application guidelines as listed below and according to application method.

★ Application Guidelines

· The contest is open to everyone, it does not matter if you are a professional or only an amateur (Minors do require parental consent.)
· Entry works are limited to those not commercialized.
· Multiple people can participate jointly with the entries. (The creation of makeup and clothes must be handled by a different person.)
· Dolls used in the custom doll contest must be dolls produced by Groove only Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Byul and Isul are allowable. Changing of the doll's body is not permitted.
· Over-makeup is acceptable even if it is not full makeup so long as the custom doll is totally different from the original doll.
· Please refrain from making modifications to the doll's face or body such as carving or the addition of sculpted parts.
· Please refrain from using other companies' parts (hands, feet, outfit etc.).
※ The use of other company's eye chips, shoes and wigs is permitted.
· Since there is a possibility of damage to the submitted work at the time of shipping, please pay attention to careful packing when shipping.
· Please refrain from applying for things that may infringe other copyrights such as characters, objects or works that are against public order and morals.
In the event that there is a claim of infringement or a dispute of infringement from a third party in the submitted work, it shall be resolved by the responsibility and burden of the applicant himself. And the organizer of this project, Groove Inc. take no responsibility.
· Entrants are free to publish your entries on your own WEB media. At the same time, Grove Inc., the organizer of this project, agrees not to exercise any right claim and right to use the submitted work for introduction / advertisement promotion purposes on our website.
· For Grand Prix works, at the same time as adopting commercialization all copyrights are transferred to Groove Inc., the organizer of this project.
· The rights when the work is commercialized belongs to Groove Inc. which is the organizer of this project.
· Dolls will be returned to the applicants about the mid-Jan. 2020. .

★ How to apply

Please send the following to the application email address.After accepting the application, we will reply to you by October 15.

• Mail Title: "Doll Carnival 2019" custom doll contest entry
• Mail content:
- Name ※ If you are applying by a name that is not your real name, please also give your real name. The real name will not be disclosed then.
- Address
- Phone number
- Mailing address

• Entry acceptance e-mail address: contest@groove.ws

* Please contact us if your e-mail address has been changed after your entry.

· If you have any questions, please contact: contest@groove.ws
* When making inquiries please specify "About custom doll contest" as of e-mail title.

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【Additional notes】
----No auction will be held after the contest.